About Ross Results, Inc.

Ross Results, Inc., was founded by Rick Ross in 1999 as a specialized consulting company dedicated to the professional development of people and to leadership and business development solutions. We have succeeded from the beginning by working one-on-one to coach-mentor-advise and assess individuals, teams and companies. Today, with offices just 20 minutes outside New York City in Ramsey, New Jersey, as well as Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, we have expanded to more in-depth assessments, and to sales and leadership training.

From the beginning, we've thought that the founder's unique combination of diverse corporate experience and clinical training has set Ross Results apart from many businesses in a similar market space. Each of the associates of Ross Results also provides talent, knowledge and experience in numerous areas of professional development.

It is our conviction that it is people that always make the difference in companies. We see it as our mandate to deliver human performance strategies for growth in every aspect. This conviction ultimately leads to innovative and self-renewing organizations, which maintain community awareness and contribution.

799 Franklin Ave., Suite #142
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417