March 2008

Who We Are:
Ross Results, Inc. provides extraordinary and measurable business development and leadership solutions through an exceptional, fully integrated coaching, mentoring, advisory and training system.

The diverse and extensive experience of our associates offers us a unique position in the Coach-Mentor-Advisor profession ensuring our ability to deliver significant results.

The Current Climate Of Management and Leadership in Today's Business Environment:
There is a management and leadership role identity crisis spreading through many companies.

The void left by thinning margins, reduced bench strength, overseas manufacturing, unstable economic future, internal coaches and mentors retired or right-sized out of a job creates a strong need for Ross Results, Coaching-Mentoring-Advising. We teach, coach, and mentor the art of leadership, visioning, and planning.

While our services have always been an imperative, they are even timelier today. The professional development we offer was always taken for granted, but now there is a crisis looming. This is in fact an 800 pound gorilla that we are only beginning to talk about as a nation. This crisis unveils a great void which is an opportunity for those business leaders whom get it and decide to engage.

Ross Results provides the venue for managers to develop their identity and come out as strong leaders. We can be a member of your team to coach mentor and advise from vision to planning and execution. We will leave you only when you are ready. We can work one on one, or with the group. We are always discreet and work in confidence.

The Ross Results Coaching-Mentoring-Advising 8 Point Pledge:

  1. We offer a very personalized approach to your success, not the cookie cutter version provided by those who lack the real-world experience to back-up their certifications.
  2. We will be 100% credible where integrity transcends the message be it positive or negative.
  3. Our associates will tell you things you may not want to hear, yet will insure that you always come away from an encounter assured that your opinion has been heard and evaluated.
  4. We will interact with you in such a way as to stimulate you to want to better yourself.
  5. We will make every effort to encourage you to take the necessary risks for self-improvement and growth.
  6. We will encourage you to push beyond your pre-imposed limits and break through the barriers of your inner doubts and fears.
  7. We will not be satisfied watching you interact at the same level you functioned at in the infancy of our engagement; we will support your attempts to reach for goals you previously though beyond your capabilities.
  8. We will highlight and present challenges that you may not have recognized on your own, and will support your endeavors to meet and exceed those challenges through insight, training, and experience.

The Quick & Dirty Route:
Along with our customized services, Ross Results offers a few on-line quick and simple analysis tools that anyone can utilize. Our on-line product offerings allow you to be tested in the privacy of your own home or office, and do not require a personal interaction with the evaluator of the assessment. The results of these exams are provided electronically in a printable report format that you can choose to keep to yourself, or use in pursuing further understanding through a 30 Minute Telephone Debriefing, or an extended clinical engagement.

The on-line assessments use industry-standard proven tools to formulate the results of the evaluation. The programs we offer can be found in the "Product" section of our web site, and are as follows:

    Individual Communication Style Assessment
    This on-line examination consists of a Communication Style Assessment taken in the privacy of your own home or office. This exam will offer individual insight into the basic personality and communication styles you posses. It will identify the individual styles you currently use when dealing with others, as well as give situational understanding as to how to deal with and interact more positively with others and their individualized communication styles.

    Individual Leadership Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    This on-line examination consists of an Emotional Intelligence Ability Assessment taken in the privacy of your own office or home. It will provide you with insight into Emotional Intelligence and help you to understand your current state, as well as give basic tips to improve and understand your overall Emotional Intelligence. This test is known for its ability performance evaluation and is considered reliable and valid for persons over the age of eighteen.

    Combined Emotional Intelligence Assessment
    If you would like to take both of the above-mentioned exams, Ross Results will provide a 5% discount on the overall fee. Both assessments are taken within a period of 2 days of one another and will allow the individual taking the exam to compare the assessments and better understand their current evaluations in relation to one another.

    30 Minute Telephone Debriefing
    Following any one of the Ross Results on-line assessment examinations, a client may choose to speak by phone to one of our qualified associates to discuss the results of the assessment. This is not a therapy session; the objective will be to help the individual better understand the results of the report(s) as they apply to him or her.

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